When every detail makes you happy.

Sometimes, it is a brief moment that stays with us forever. A smile, while walking through an Asian market, the smell of the wind in the Tropics, or the voice of a storyteller in Morocco. Traveling is about collecting memories that stay with you forever. This is why, we organize your holiday, as if we were coming along with you.

Our services are shaped by our values.


We personalize your holiday, made individually from small, and large ideas. We make sure your experinces, are special, just the way you wish for them to be. We take our time, from start to finish, and will gladly make home calls if necessary.


Wether it’s a chauffeur driven car, a stay in an exclusive Airport Lounge, or a private tour, we engage ourselves personally, paying close attention to detail.


Wether it’s rebooking a room, or changing your flight to a different date, we always find the right solution. We are there for you, not only before your holiday, but during your holiday as well. Why? Beause we wish you an all around enjoyable holiday.

Every holiday starts in your head.

Wether it’s a night under the stars in the desert, a romantic candle-light dinner, or or a horse-back ride into the sunset; our competant consultants, and custom made planning, make sure that you utterly injoy your holiday. So that you can freely do what is most important, collect memories that will stay with you forever.

We create your dream holiday.

We gladly use our experience, and insider knowledge, to organize the holiday you wish. We ourselves are passionate travellers.

Sabine Berglez

"Travel enhances ones personality, and builds character. It is the most beautiful form of education."

Jana Wichmann

"The world is a book. He who never travels, reads only one page."

Martin Gadolla

"Live to travel, travel to live."

Csenge Massinger

"Traces disappear, memories stay forever."

Herbert Jauck

"Every holiday brings experience, and new friendships."